Beginning. Again.

Maybe the hardest part was the name. Or just sitting down to write it out. Setting everything else aside and just doing it. For so long I have just been sitting on the fence. Waffling. Waffling between making a blog and not making one. Do I want to spend my time writing on a computer? Looking at a computer? Could I rather spend my time doing something that could connect me deeper to the real world and not simply the virtual one?

Why it never really resonated with me that I could do both in a balance, I don’t know. But it is clear now. Or clearer. I’m writing with the intent to make a balance. I love to cook. And I love to share what I cook.

And I want to take better photos of food dammit.

We can’t start off the best. As nice as that would be – it just isn’t practical. It is humbling to start off at the bottom. I’m sure my only reader will be my dedicated mother, my boyfriend, and maybe a few food loving friends. But that’s enough.

It’s not about having a level to reach. I want to improve my writing, my photography, my culinary skills, and hopefully make a few friends and learn a little more about myself along the way. It about the process and creating a beautiful thing.

We have to start somewhere.

And so it begins.






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