a b o u t

Hello all, and welcome to Wedgewood and Brine. This blog is a space where I share food, thoughts, and the simple joys of my nourished life. This blogs name was crafted out of the deep love I feel for my parents Wedgwood stove. I have many fond memories of how it fed my family, myself, and my creativity and curiosity of food. Brine seemed to fit nicely on the end to represent my endeavors with fermentation and my unyielding adornment for cheese.

about grace

I’m a happy eater and a food maker. I value fresh, wholesome, and vibrant ingredients. I eat meat. I eat vegetables. I eat grains and nuts and beans. I will talk to anyone about cheese, on any day of the week. I ferment foods. I enjoy the simplicity of a good fried egg and and the utter flawlessness of flakey morning pastry and a cappuccino. Sometimes I make bread, but often it’s a flop. I like to cook. I like to eat. This is me putting it all into words and sharing my voice and my craft. g




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